Evan Richman Photography is founded on the vision, experience and professionalism acquired during my career as Boston’s premier commercial, corporate, business and event photographer and my 16 years as an award-winning staff photographer for The Boston Globe where assignments have taken me from the heat of Havana and the Middle East to the frigid temperatures of the Arctic Circle and Siberia.


After a successful career as a photojournalist, I have turned my attention to a wide range of commercial, portrait and event photography. My clients include FedEx, AstraZeneca, Capital One, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., CVS, Nike, Westin Hotels, Cirque du Soleil, Comcast, Bank of America, Fidelity Investments and Staples.
My years photographing all aspects of humanity have given me a broad understanding of people. Whether photographing a surgical procedure or a time-pressed CEO, my friendly, sensitive style helps get the images my clients need.

Integrating color, composition, motion and light can produce striking, graphic and memorable images that expand your brand by breaking through the constant barrage we are exposed to.

client partnership

Comprehensive pre-shoot consultations allow me to tailor visual coverage to your specific photographic needs. From our first consultation through image delivery, I'm very responsive to questions and requests and enjoy consulting and sharing my knowledge and experience. Through great communication and planning I optimize my time to get the most interesting and diverse set of images possible every shooting day.


Evan Richman Photography offers a wide range of photography services in Boston, and nationally including corporate portraits, headshots and extensive event photography including corporate meeting photography, trade show and convention photography.

When assigned to event coverage, I always aim to make complimentary images that show lively, positive and energetic interactions that highlight diversity and great attendance. 
One of my most popular client services is an upload of the best images of the day for social media, press release and slide shows.

Please feel free contact me at info@evanrichman.com or call/text me at 617.803.3433 for a quote or to schedule a no obligation phone conversation about your photography needs. I look forward to hearing from you!